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About Us


WHY MARTIAL ARTS? - People today, like those long ago, train in the martial arts for a variety of reasons. Benefits include physical and mental exercise, discipline, and challenge, self-confidence, accomplishment, heightened awareness, and being able to defend oneself. Of course, it is also a lot of fun!

MORE THAN JUST FIGHTING! - For most, fighting is actually a sign of insecurity. At Grace Martial Arts (GMA) we teach our students pride and dignity while at the same time humility. We teach discipline (physical as well as mental) and respect (for others as well as themselves). These values, along with confidence and self-control, produce a feeling of accomplishment and self-satisfaction. When combined, these qualities give the student a sense of self-worth which assures them that they need not fight in order to establish their own value.

WHICH STYLE OF MARTIAL ARTS IS BEST? - This can only be answered by the individual. Since each person has unique interests, goals, and needs, it is impossible to say that one style is better than another. In the martial arts, one size does not fit all. Furthermore, we do not believe that any one martial art is superior. This is why we incorporate many styles and constantly seek new knowledge while keeping an open mind to everything. More so, it is possible that two separate instructors of the same style will have completely different teaching methods, values, and even abilities.

PHYSICAL EXERCISE - Without exercise and physical conditioning, Martial Artists would be no where. How else could they expect to be able to properly execute all the techniques taught to them without proper body control and being physically fit? However, this should not deter anyone from joining the Martial Arts just because they're not in tip top physical condition. Nobody should ever expect results from anything right away. Accomplishment and results only come from a lot of hard work and dedication!

MENTAL CONDITIONING - Discipline, confidence, and humility, all working together, have to be learned over a period of years. These qualities, along with many more, not only improve one's Martial Arts, but also influence their personal life.

SOCIALIZATION - The majority of students find their closest and most trusted friends right in their own school. Coming up in the Martial Arts together including: Learning all the mental aspects, working out with each other, experiencing similar challenges, forms a sort of bond between not only the students themselves, but also with the instructors. Together is the key word in the last sentence. Teamwork is an important aspect of the martial arts. Without working together and helping one another, a school loses its unity and therefore has no strength. We like to think that at GMA we're much more than just a school or a group of people just working out together. We're like a close family growing to help one another, doing things for each other, and best of all, learning from each other as we do it!