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Sensei Amy Ralston

I was always inspired to outdo my brother. I didn’t just want to be “some girl”. So, after watching my brother thrive in martial arts for over a year, it was only natural for me to take the step forward to join myself. After a terrifying first class (that I still laugh about to this day), I grew to love it!

The discipline and commitment that is required in martial arts is rewarding. Even though it was a tough crowd, and the instructors pushed me to my limits, I never once questioned their motives. Amongst the amazing martial arts skill there was a compassion for the students. Martial arts to me became a family. I looked forward to the strict classes and fun hangouts.

I am proud to say that after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (and broken boards and bricks); I had the honor to be awarded my black belt during the summer camp of 2009. As I hold my new rank, I learn so much about what martial arts truly symbolizes. A Black belt is just the beginning, it requires me stretching my own limits and humbling myself to my students. I do not succeed unless my students succeed. No one person deserves to be over looked. Not in my school, nor in my community. I will continually hold myself to a higher standard and learn the self-discipline required as I make my life long journey as a martial arts sensei.

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