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Sensei Daniel Spring

Daniel Spring was born January 23, 1986. He was home schooled until his junior year of high school. He graduated from high school in 2006. Daniel’s parents were constantly trying to keep him and his two siblings active in different activities because they were home schooled.
They wanted to increase their children’s community activities.
One of these activities was martial arts. Daniel joined martial arts in the summer of 2000. He was very interested in the martial arts and had actually made the phone calls to get all the information. His parents wanted to make sure he was really serious about martial arts before they put him into a school. After Daniel’s father had tried the school out to make sure the system was not going to teach people to fight, he started taking classes.

Daniel was an amazing martial artist, with great ability. He participated in many tournaments and always came home with excellent placing. His best kata was a double nunchaku form. Every time he would perform this kata everyone would stop and watch. He has always been very good at showing his abilities.

Daniel had a setback in his martial arts career when he joined the military in 2004. He still practiced his techniques, but he was no longer able to participate in the regular classes because he was so far away. However, he kept his hopes high and was finally able to receive his Shodan, first degree black belt, on July 31, 2007. He received this promotion along with his sister receiving her Shodan and his father receiving his Nidan, second degree black belt.

After receiving his belt, he knew that he had accomplished so much in life. Daniel, Sensei Spring, looks forward to being able to help the system in any way that he can. He believes he can add a lot to the school because of his extra military experience.

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